Refugee Class

A refugee is someone who is outside of his or her home country and outside of Canada. Refugees can be sponsored by a private sponsorship group or referred by the United Nations Refugee Agency or another designated referral organization

Humanitarian and Compassionate Application (H&CA)

H &CA are for those people who have no legal statutes on Canada and they don’t want to leave Canada. For H&C application the applicant has to establish that he or she will suffer a life of extreme hardship if send back to his home country.

No Consultancy Fee

Under certain circumstances, the Hillfield Canadian Immigration Services waives off fees for some Canadian Immigration Services

We provide the following Canadian immigration-related services to individuals affected by natural disasters, floods, and other catastrophes on a free of charge basis:

  • Legal advice about Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s relief initiatives, i.e. how victims and their families can benefit from these initiatives.
  • Guidance for completion of Family Class sponsorship applications under the Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s expedited processing initiatives for the disaster-affected areas.
  • For disaster-affected individuals and their families to communicate with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and other related Government of Canada relief agencies.
  • Involvement with Canadian community organizations to support their disaster relief efforts.

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