What is Notarization

A Notary Public is a person authorized by the government to administer oaths and declarations. He/ She verifies the identity of the signing parties and their signatures on the documents in question. The Notary witnesses all signatures, and signs and seals the document with an official seal of office.

True Copy or Notarized Copy

This is a photocopy of an original document which is verified by a notary public to be an accurate copy of the original. This is done when an official document (such as an ID, government papers, educational credentials etc.) needs to be provided/submitted to a third party. Often the original document is one of kind and it becomes impractical to give it away. Normal photocopies could be doctored or altered. The True Copy is objective evidence of the accuracy of the image.


What is it?                An affidavit is a written declaration of facts that is sworn by an “affiant” in front of a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths.

Why are they needed?                 Evidence for court matters or other legal procedures often needs to come in the form of an affidavit.

We can notarize your affidavits quickly and easily. For a small additional fee, we can, on the spot, also draft affidavits for your convenience.

Statutory Declaration

A Statutory Declaration is similar to an affidavit. It is a written declaration of facts by a “declarant” We can notarize affidavits quickly and easily. For a small additional fee, we can also draft, on the spot, statutory declarations for your convenience.

Letter of Invitation

What is it?                Sometimes when one applies for a Visa to enter Canada, the government requests a “Letter of Invitation” from a resident of Canada. The person inviting the guest to Canada provides information about his/herself and the visa applicant.

How is it done?                  A Notary administers an oath/affirmation, witnesses the party’s signature and notarizes the document. Though a letter of invitation cannot guarantee the receipt of a visa to Canada, it is often a government requirement. We can notarize your Letter of Invitation quickly and easily. We can also draft letters of invitation for you.

Consent to Travel

Child abduction has become a growing concern for governments around the world. For this reason, “Consent to Travel” letters are required by an increasing number of governments. When a child travels without one parent, the remaining parent gives written permission for the child/children to leave the country. It is often required that the document be notarized to verify the identity of the parties involved. This document would be presented to various authorities in Canada and elsewhere as evidence that the child/children travelling abroad have not been abducted by their accompanying adult.

Legalization and Authentication

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