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If you are missing your family and you are either a worker or permanent resident, you can sponsor their stay in Canada.

Published by Hillfield Immigration on 13th May, 2021

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada allow for foreign nationals to be reunited with their immediate family members. This application does not apply to extended family members and there are also some requirements to be fulfilled.

In order for a family member to be sponsored to go to Canada, there must be 2 or more foreign nationals who are immediate family members of each other and one of them must be authorizing the other to enter into Canada.
This will allow the family reunification through the IRCC’s pathway legally. The foreign national’s immediate family member must be a permanent resident of Canada but does not necessarily need to be a Canadian citizen.

The permanent resident may be a federal skilled worker, essential worker, visitor, international student or protected person. A qualified immigration consultant on family reunification can assist further.

The family member who is a permanent resident in Canada may need to issue written authorization in order to facilitate family unity in the beginning of the family sponsorship process. This would facilitate the establishment of residence in Canada.

Family sponsorships are used to assist immediate family members who would have been separated from permanent residents during their immigration process. Immigration officers within Canada assess the circumstances under which the family reunification application is made and a qualified immigration consultant can help.

Immigration officers also have a discretionary role in determining if the necessary requirements have been satisfied for the purpose of family reunification and determine if the sponsored family member would be allowed to be sponsored by the permanent resident in Canada.

The role of a qualified immigration consultant who can assist with family reunification is to inform the permanent resident of any compassionate grounds under which they can apply to sponsor a family member.

They can also advise of the necessary travel documents that must be provided upon entry through a port of entry in Canada. This documentation includes a copy of their family member’s work permit, study permit as an international student or permanent residency permit.

Compassionate grounds include an exemption in order to attend the death of a permanent resident or citizen or to provide care for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Family reunification applications may be submitted by either the permanent resident or the foreign national wishing to enter into Canada through a legal point of entry. To assist with your family reunification process, contact Hillfield Immigration today and speak with a qualified immigration consultant.

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