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You can be stopped at the port of entry by an immigration officer from entering into Canada.

Published by Hillfield Immigration on 30th July, 2021

Canada is an extremely welcoming country to all its visitors – permanent and temporary. However, like every other country the Government must ensure the citizens are safe and fully protected at all times. To that end Canadian immigration officers will assess who can and cannot enter its beautiful land at its borders.

Security grounds, criminal activity or medical reasons are various causes you may be denied entry into Canada. Other motives include failure to comply with the conditions of the IRPA. One example is temporary residents who don’t respect the conditions of their stay. They stay longer than allowed; some even work or study without the proper permits.

Immigration inadmissibility applies to all applicants involved in the application process. Family members listed on your application with potential criminal or medical inadmissibility issues can have a negative effect on your visa being approved. The entire application and all family members included can be refused depending on the severity of the situation. Contact a qualified legal professional or firm to assist with completing your application.

When you’re inadmissible to Canada, you won’t be allowed to enter the country. However, if you have a valid reason to travel to Canada that is justified in the circumstances, you may be issued a special permit and be allowed to enter. You will have to provide evidence or prove the reason you must enter Canada.

Reasons can be personal or work related such as: attending a business conference, visit an ailing or dying family member or attending a family wedding. Proof may not guarantee you will be permitted to enter. An officer will still have to determine you are being genuine.

Inadmissibility is not equivalent to a permanent ban from entering Canada. There are solutions available to help people otherwise considered inadmissible to Canada. If an inadmissible person has a valid need to enter Canada that outweighs the risks of them being in the county, a special permit will allow them to be in the country for a predetermined amount of time.

Even if you have committed or been convicted of a crime there are a few options to overcome your criminal inadmissibility. It is important to note that not all crimes and convictions make a person inadmissible to Canada. The crime has to be of a certain degree of seriousness.
One common reason for criminal inadmissibility is a DUI charge. People with one, or more recent convictions for driving while intoxicated are likely to be turned away from entering Canada. Other crimes that can cause criminal inadmissibility include theft, reckless driving and assault and possession of or trafficking drugs or controlled substances.

Persons can also be denied entry into Canada for medical reasons. If you are gravely ill and will be an extreme burden on the economy and finances of Canada, you may not be allowed to enter.

If you are inadmissible to enter into Canada, contact our experienced specialist at Canada Hillfield Immigration Services. We can offer expert advice and assist in completing your application on how you can get permission to visit Canada for your specific reason.

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