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Organizations across Canada benefit from the talents, qualifications and experience of having skilled immigrants on their workforce

Published by Hillfield Immigration on 23rd June, 2021

Canada welcomes newcomers from around the world and helps them build a new life in Canada.
This includes finding a job so they can contribute to their new country. Planning and persistence are key to finding a job. There are lots of opportunities for work in Canada, but you might find that getting a job can be challenging ‒ the process is probably different from the one you’re used to. Contact our qualified expert who would be able to offer advice on finding employment.

Job titles and duties may be different from your previous employ. Research what skills, qualifications and experience are needed where you plan to live, before you arrive. Most jobs in Canada are not regulated but some professions and trades are – that means you need to have a licence before you can work.

Getting a licence to work in a regulated job can take time. The earlier you apply to have your credentials assessed, the sooner you may become qualified to work. In the meantime, you may have to find another job related to your field. The fastest and easiest way to look for jobs and connect with people.

Many local settlement service provider organizations provide workshops and support to help you find a job. Being able to speak, write and read in English and/or French is essential to finding a job and succeeding in the workplace. Language training is available for free to permanent residents through local settlement service providers. And Francophone organizations across Canada offer employment services in French.

Settlement service providers can also help you prepare for job interviews. The more you know about workplace culture the better your chances of getting a job. Many jobs are not advertised. Workers often find jobs through the people they know, so it’s important to build your professional network.

Find people who work where you want to work. Ask them how they got their job and what you need to know about working there or about other contacts. While building your link, you might even find a tutor. Your local settlement service provider can help with finding a mentor with experience in your area who is willing to guide you.

Be prepared to tell the hiring manager why you want to work there, the value you will add to the company, and specific examples of how you did well in previous jobs. Think about a few questions you could ask about the company or the job you are applying for, such as what kind of tasks you would do in a typical day. This is a common practice in Canada. Let us provide information about working in Canada as a new settler. Offer at least two referees, if possible, Canadians, who a hiring manager can call to ask more about you and your skills.

Muhammad Qazi
Muhammad Qazi
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