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Depending on your country of residence, if you want to visit Canada, you may need to apply for a Canadian visa.
Published by Hillfield Immigration on 22nd September, 2021.

The type of Canadian visa you need to apply for depends on the purpose and length of your stay. To have a successful application, you must fulfill the visa requirements for Canada. If you are on the list of countries whose nationals require a visa for Canada, you must apply for a visa to enter Canada.
When you apply for a Canadian visa provide photocopies of the information page of your passport showing your passport number; dates of issue and expiry; your name, photo, place of birth, and date of birth.

Every visa application package entail documents and forms to be completed. Attach photocopies of identity and civil status documents with your visa application including birth certificates, marriage certificates, or divorce/annulment certificates. In some cases, you may be required to provide National IDs or similar documents.

Different countries may require specific documents. Our qualified expert at Hillfield Immigration can assist with this complicated process.
There are two types of fees – the application processing fees and Biometric fees. The fee prices change depending on the purpose of travel and you must attach the receipts to your application.
Two passport pictures based on Canada’s requirements are necessary. It is recommended that you show the photographer these instructions. Contact our specialist with years of experience in immigration matters.

You have to provide evidence that you can financially support yourself and any family members who may be accompanying you to Canada. You can use Bank statements, Letters of employment showing annual earnings or pre-arranged financial support from hosts covering the duration of your stay.

You have to convince your visa officers that after your visa expires, you will return home by providing copies of your employment contract, a letter of employment which identifies you as a permanent employee, states when you are expected to return to work, and your role at the company. Ownership of property in your home country, such as title deeds or lease agreements. Our consultant successfully helped others complete their application and can help you too.
You will have to obtain a police certificate or clearance in your home country. If you are unsure about how to acquire your documents, consult our qualified visa specialist for advice. In some cases, you may have to provide police clearances from any country you have lived in for longer than six months.

You may be required to have a medical examination and include the results in your application. If you plan to stay for less than six months, a medical exam is usually not necessary, unless you will be working closely with people. The certificate must be obtained from an approved IRCC Panel Physician.

You must provide a purpose for your travel to Canada when you apply for a Canadian visa. The requirements depend on the country. In some cases, you may need to provide a letter of invitation from someone in Canada who has to be either a Canadian citizen or have Permanent Residence. The letter writer is not legally responsible for you but must give you that letter to be attached with your application and include information about the applicant.

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