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On September 21st, Ontario held a new round of invitations inviting International students and temporary foreign workers to apply for a provincial nomination.
Published by Hillfield Immigration Services on October ____________th, 2021.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) invited applicants who had already submitted their profiles in the Expression of Interest (EOI) pool to apply for this stream. As this was a general stream there were no targeted occupations or location requisites.

Candidates would have been eligible for one of two Employer Job Offer streams included Foreign workers of approximately 406 candidates with a score of at least 37; about 523 International Student 523 with a minimum score of 61. An additional 30 international students and 36 foreign workers who had registered for the Regional Immigration Pilot were also invited to apply for the same two steams. If you were invited to apply for this stream do not wait, contact our certified expert to help you with all the overwhelming paperwork required.

a. Foreign Worker stream Employer Job Offer admissibility:
b. Foreign nationals with an eligible job offer from an employer in Ontario
c. Equivalent of two years’ work experience in a skilled occupation
d. Willingness to immigrate to the province

You can apply outside of Canada once you meet this and other criteria.

International Student stream Employer Job Offer:
This category is open to foreign nationals with an eligible job offer from an employer in Ontario.
Just like the foreign worker stream you can apply from outside of Canada, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements including:
a. Completion of a program at a Canadian Designated Learning Institution
b. Have an eligible job offer in Ontario
c. Intention to immigrate to the province once approved

To apply for the Provincial Nominee Program you must submit an EOI profile on the Ontario website. Consult our qualified immigration professional if you want to come to Canada to work. Once your profile is registered it is then placed in the EOI entry pool. Your score depends on the information you would have submitted. Points are awarded based on certain factors the province deemed will show your capacity to properly fit into the employment market.

EOI profiles are centered on a number of human capital factors that the province has deemed important when selecting immigrants. Points are awarded based on your skill level according to the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system, and your Canadian work experience, if any.

Depending on the stream you apply for the OINP scoring system can be different. Beside your skill level and work experience; wage, education, language ability in one of Canada’s official languages, English or French, and the region in which you study or work also quantified. The province also allots 10 additional points at its discretion in response to pending labour market needs.
Do you want to submit an EOI? Before you apply, let our qualified expert at Hillfield Immigration assist with completing your forms to maximize the amount of points you can earn.

Muhammad Qazi
Muhammad Qazi
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