Post Landing Services

Provides a number of essential post landing services for those who are choosing new country as a home! If you’re leaving for good and settling somewhere you haven’t been before, we can help make your move more cozy& comfy.

These services are for those who are going on a Short or long Holydays temporary, permanent, Student, business, for medical checkup or other reasons. We are just a call away:

Before you leave:

  • We can help you
  • Purchase Health/Medical Insurance
  • Get a local SIM card & telephone number

 After you arrive:

  • Airport Pick up
  • Temporary Accommodation Assistance
  • Permanent Accommodation Assistance
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Personal Guide
  • A one hour tour & personal orientation of the city
  • Assistance for Completing Governmental documents
  • Driving License
  • Social Insurance Card
  • Health Card
  • School or College Admissions
  • Job Search
  • Introduction to Local Communities of your choice

and many more ….

We will help to find the perfect place for you!