Business Immigration

To acquire permanent residency through a business visa, there are many options for you to choose from. If you have previous business experience and are looking to establish a new business in Canada or develop an existing business, the Business (Permanent) Visa offers you the opportunity to achieve this. View this page to find out. Business Class immigrants are selected on the basis of their ability to create jobs for themselves and Canadian citizens or permanent residents, contribute capital to the Canadian economy, and stimulate economic activity. Bussiness class applicants are selected on the basis of their ability to become economically established in Canada. Some examples of this class are:

  • Start Up Business Class
  • Investors Business Class
  • Entrepreneurs Business Class
  • Self-Employed persons Business Class

Start Up Business Class

A Start –up Visa is a right fit for attracting foreign entrepreneurs to bring their business ideas to Canada. This is revolutionary new visa is the first of its kind and results in the applicant(s) obtaining permanent resident status in Canada. However, before you can apply, you will also need to find the right financial baking in Canada.

The Start-up Visa Program is drawing successful applicants from a diverse range of countries, including Australia, China, Egypt, India, Iran, Pakistan, South Africa and Uruguay, and across a number of industries, including technology, food product manufacturing, education, medical research, banking, human resources, and advertising.

This five-year pilot program allows entrepreneurs who have the support of a designated Canadian entity to apply for permanent residence as they establish their company in Canada. Demand for this program is growing, with more than 50 additional permanent resident applications still in process from entrepreneurs from around the world who have the support of a designated Canadian venture capital fund, angel investor group or business incubator to launch their start-ups in Canada.

Investors Business Class

This is known as Immigrant Investor Program (IIP). This program seeks to attract immigrants with capital and business management experience. Applicants must demonstrate that they have business experience and a minimum net worth of $800,000. They are required to make an investment of $400,000 which is used for economic development and job creation.

Investments made through the program take the form of a five-year, zero interest loan to the Government of Canada. These funds are distributed to participating provinces and territories to fund economic development and job creation initiatives in their regions.

  • Investment Programs analyze the needs of high net-worth individuals who are interested in obtaining Canadian residency and/or citizenship. We offer advice and support on available programs and provide them with customized solutions. Whether a client is interested in mobility, a place to raise a family or to start a business, Hillfield Immigration  can assist in determining the best options.
  • Residency by Investment Programs offer permanent, temporary or conditional residency. Many of these programs also allow the applicant and his or her family to obtain citizenship pursuant to specific residency requirements.
  • Citizenship by Investment Programs grant citizenship through naturalization to applicants and their families. Most programs allow for dual citizenship so that applicants can maintain the benefits of their original citizenship while they take advantage of the benefits of their new one.

We invite you to explore programs that offer investors and their families opportunities for a better future. Whether this means adjustability, an additional citizenship, and residency in a desired location, or the right environment to start a business, Hillfield Immigration is here to offer you customized investment opportunities and global advisory services. In addition, we invite you to contact us if you would like information on a program that is not listed below.

Entrepreneur Business Class

Entrepreneur Program is meant to be attracting individuals who possess fair amount of business experience/expertise with following:-

  • Your previous business and/or work experience
  • Your personal net worth and source of funds
  • Your adaptability in the Province of interest
  • Provide evidence of good business practice and successful business operations outside Canada that are relevant to the proposed business
  • Provides a written statement to an officer that they intend and will be able to meet the conditions
  • Within three years of their arrival, entrepreneur immigrants must hold at least one-third of the equity of a qualifying Canadian business, be actively involved in the management of that business, and create at least one additional full-time job for Canadian citizens or permanent residents (1,950 hours of paid employment).
  • Self-employed persons must demonstrate their ability and their intention to be self-employed upon arrival and to make a significant contribution to specific economic activities in Canada in the area of culture, athletics, or farm management.

Self Employed Business Class

Currently in Canada the Entrepreneur category and Investor category of permanent residence is closed and will no longer accepting such applications. However, the self-employed category remains open for those who wish to establish a business in Canada.
This category leads to permanent resident status in Canada should the applicant be successful in satisfying an officer that have sufficient experience and ability to establish a business at will.

Business Opportunities

We assist foreign investors, who are looking for business opportunities; by introducing them to local businesses that are in their field of expertise. We also provide additional services to investors who intend to apply under business and entrepreneur categories. These services are available to individuals who have completed their immigration and wish to acquire or develop a new business enterprise in their new location.

We will help to find the perfect place for you!